June 3 – Tuesday Travelers

We left Bar Harbor at 10am. We got to our destination in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania at 9pm. Bloomsburg is an interesting historic town. We spent some time in Bloomsburg a couple years ago. Since we got there so late and had to leave early in the morning, we saw none of it this year. That’s all I have to say about that.


June 2 – Monday, Monday

This turned out to be one of the quietest days and longest nights on the island. The morning was cloudy, with periodic rain. We said good-bye to Roger and Lisa as they were heading home today. I spent most of the morning on the sofa in the bay window across from the fireplace again – catching up on the email and writing on the blog.

Mindy & I headed out to the business district about lunch time and ended up at West Street Cafe. It was in this place we both remember having our first “Bar Harbor” meal in 1998. West Street Cafe has been open all of the ten years we’ve vacationed here. Mindy always gets the shrimp. The very first meal we had on Mount Desert Island was in July 1998 – at the Head of the Harbor Restaurant in Southwest Harbor. Unique. Every outdoor table was furnished with a large water squirt bottle – to deter and deflect the seagulls from swooping and snacking from the table. This made for truly exciting dining experience. Head of the Harbor has been closed the last two or three years, but driving by there on the way to Seal Cove Car Museum last Friday, I noticed a sign posted announcing it was reopening! That’s a good thing! Continue reading

June 1 – Knox Road Redeaux & the Cog Railway

I honestly felt guilty about going to Knox Road Grille and Atlantic Brewing Company for lunch on Friday without Jane, Mindy and Steve. That is why I suggested we go again on Sunday.

No, wait. Mindy said we had to get another ABC pint glass for Jake because he had broken his. That is why I suggested we go again on Sunday for lunch.

No, the real reason is because it was a gorgeous day, and what better thing to do but to caravan up the island to Town Hill with the T-tops off in a Camaro and the convertible top down in the MR2.

Regardless the reason (because of the CIA techniques I learned from Victor, no one will ever really know the truth), there we were having Dougy’s Bar-B-Que on Sunday. Continue reading

May 31 – Prohibition and Red Wings Win Another

Saturday is the big day for the Bar Harbor B&B Association annual fund raiser. This year the recipient of the proceeds is the Criterion Theatre and Arts Center in Bar Harbor. The event theme is the Roaring Twenties Prohibition.

The food is always a highlight of the annual event. The Cleftstone Manor is the site again, but this year transformed into a ‘speakeasy.’ Also part of the program is instruction of the popular dances of the “Flapper” period. There was quite a commotion when federal agents raided and handcuffed those responsible… The event was memorable – especially for the host Bob!

Host arrested by Federal Agent at prohibition party

Everyone seemed to really get into it!

The Red Wings win game four in Pittsburgh 🙂

May 30 – Seal Cove and Knox Road

Seal Cove Auto MuseumAnother place I never, ever saw in my many visits to MDI is the Seal Cove Auto Museum. Roger called ahead since the official opening date for the season was still several days hence. He was assured there would be staff present Friday, so with he and Lisa, I went to the Seal Cove Auto Museum. So our goal today (Friday) was to see one of the best rare car collections on the east coast. This also would likely be the last chance to see the majority of the complete collection since the benefactor passed away last year. Much of the remainder of the collection is to be auctioned off later this year to fund a smaller, but permanent core collection for the future. We were told that a “handful” of vehicles, described as the “cream” of the collection was already gone.

Afterward, we stopped at Knox Road Grill and Atlantic Brewing for Dougy’s Bar-B-Q lunch and to pick up a case of Real Ale to bring back to Michigan.

Roger and Lisa returned to the South Ridge Trail to take more photographs of the wild orchids.

Dinner at Poorboy’s tonight. New menu items this year!


May 29 – South Ridge Trail Day

Yesterday, we all agreed that THURSDAY would be a great day for climbing. The weather has continued to be perfect since Tuesday and today was just beautiful. A little haze in the distance, but that was noteworthy only because Wednesday was the clearest day I can recall ever seeing on Mt. Desert Island.

It was agreed that we would climb Cadillac Mountain’s South Ridge Trail. Seemingly, this wouldn’t be complicated to figure out, but the planning entailed thus…

Barry was going to join us. He would be able to meet us at the trail head at 2:30 p.m. after working. Roger wasn’t going to be able to climb as his knee was particularly painful today. Lisa and Jane were going to climb up, but there would be a car staged at the summit so they didn’t have to go down the trail if they didn’t want to. Steve, Barry and I just planned to hike the round trip … up and down. Roger was going to be at the summit with his car for the possible transport of any one wishing the luxury of another way down. Continue reading

May 28 – Been Too Busy

Dinner with Steve and Jane last night at McKays Public House was the culmination of our day (Tuesday). Met Nate, the Chief of Police – at the next table. We’ve been so busy since, that I am just now getting a chance to write.

Many years ago we bought a large detailed map of Acadia Park trails. We’ve diligently marked each trail with the dates we hiked. Even though we’ve hiked some of our favorites trails multiple times, I guess some day the goal would be to hike them all. When we arrived in Bar Harbor Monday, Mindy realized that we had left our big map in GR. So we had to rely on memory. After a nice breakfast Wednesday, we set out to hike the Gorham Mountain trail, one we have never done before. Jane has often mentioned this as one of her favorites. Continue reading