June 5 – Homeward Bound

We woke to a northern Ohio rainstorm. The agenda today called for a visit to the James A. Garfield Museum, indoors mostly, so it would work out fine. Besides, the Red Wings had Stanley! How could it be a bad day?

In March, I got an email from someone asking for information about Thomas Garfield of Jamestown Township in Ottawa county, (Mich). Turns out I have lots of information about him because of the years of research I’ve done in Jamestown on Mindy’s ancestors who were among the founding families in 1847. Thomas Garfield was the brother of President James A. Garfield. The person asking the question was a first person historian preparing for an upcoming presentation in Greenville, Michigan. Debbie Weinkamer portrays Mrs. Lucretia (RUDOLPH) GARFIELD, wife of the President. She worked as a volunteer at the Garfield Museum for many years and learned her stuff real well! Mindy, her mother and I went to the presentation in April. It was very good.

Debbie and Ed Haney (portrayer of James A. Garfield) told us about the museum in Mentor so we made it a point to visit. If you ever get through the area (about 30 miles east of Cleveland) check it out. Garfield was the last president born in a log cabin. He was an educator, minister, military officer, lawyer, state senator, 9-term US Representative and US Senator and is still considered one of the best suited men for the job of President in history. Garfield was the first presidential candidate to campaign directly to the voters (Front Porch campaign); it was his idea to give government jobs only to those who were well qualified instead of the usual practice of Job for Favors as was past US political habit. Mrs. Garfield built what was to become the first Presidential Library.

And, my dad is a third cousin of James A. Garfield and seventh cousin of Lucretia Rudolph. Mindy’s mom is sixth cousin of James and seventh cousin of Lucretia. Boggles the mind doesn’t it?

That was our last stop before getting home to Michigan.


One thought on “June 5 – Homeward Bound

  1. Tracy Mentzer says:

    I happened along your site looking for my father’s family. I have a typed list from my father’s eldest brother that links my top three names to some of those on your Web site. The dates match, the places match and I’m thinking that I may be on to something here. The names are Captain Thomas White (b. 1599), Joseph White (b. 1635, Mendon, Mass.) and John White (b. 1668, Mendon, Mass.). I have the rest of the family in this line leading down to myself, my kids and grandkids — another 11 generations or so. If you’re interested, I can send you the list my Uncle gave my Dad years ago, it may help complete that line of the White family for you.

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