June 4 – Wings Win Wednesday

The trip west through Pennsylvania was noteworthy. I can’t remember exactly why. Probably because I was getting closer and closer to Pittsburgh, home of the nefarious Penguins. What would I do if I were to meet one of them?

We were headed to Akron, Ohio to visit the third and final cemetery of this particular vacation trip. Remember John and Susan (CHAPMAN) EVANS in Niagara county (earlier post)? John’s parents, Lewis and Mary EVANS came to Tallmadge Township, Summit County, Ohio probably before 1840 with John’s sister Mary and her new husband, Philip H. SMITH. One of John and Susan’s daughters also came to the area mid-1860s and another followed sometime in the 1870s.

Ellet Cemetery SignThe family plots are in Ellet Cemetery (Springfield Township) in suburban Akron. I had found the information that they were buried there on the internet along with a transcription of every headstone – row by row. I parked the car near the gravestone of someone named Hazel Bryant (not related), thinking that would be a good place to start. With transcriptions printed out and in hand, I looked for row #20. Counting off, I was soon on the opposite side of the cemetery to find out I had counted off from the west border instead of the east. Backtracking, I found myself back at the car and there was Hazel Bryant again at the end of row #20.

Having met that challenge, I soon found the EVANS and SMITH plot and all the gravestones I came for.

Lewis and Mary Evans

I did better than some other headstone hunters we saw there. They were in the wrong cemetery.

We next headed north to Mentor, Ohio. The James A. Garfield Museum is located there and we might be able to make it before it closed. Not so lucky, though. We ended up finding a Red Roof and saw the Red Wings win the Stanley Cup on a cheap motel room TV. Did I say we saw them WIN? šŸ™‚

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